Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Just read the word "stake-out" on a product brochure page. What the heck is a "stake-out" anyway? Is it a time when you go out camping to surveil someone/something and you put stakes in the ground to set up a tent, because surveiling something overnight requires a tent?

dictionary says: stakeout - noun informal.   a period of secret surveillance of a building or an area by police in order to observe someone's activities."

wikipedia says: "stakeout is the coordinated hidden surveillance of a location or person for the purpose of gathering evidence, especially in regard to criminal activity. The term derives from the practice by surveyors of using stakes to measure out an area before the main building project is commenced."

okay so my tent theory is incorrect but its just making me laugh. Lets go for a stakeout. sounds rediculous. like in 20 years "xerox" as a verb will be rediculous, and all those other misnamed nomenclature anachronisms

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