Monday, June 9, 2008

MS 150 Tour De Farms bike ride donation!

Dear friend,

I need your help.

-=A Major Bummer=-
As you may know, Multiple Sclerosis has touched my family directly. My sister, Ileana, and my dad, Carlos, have been living with MS for about 15 years. Ileana and Carlos can't walk anymore, they need help for self-care, communication, travel, even basic stuff like cooking a meal for themselves and anything that requires manual-dexterity, things you and I take for granted. And the toll on our family has been devastating over the last two decades. I recently met a man my age with the disease, and am constantly hearing about people with new diagnoses and we need to act NOW to give them help and hope with new research.

Luckily, we have a lot of great people working for us. There are doctors, research labs, state governments, legislators and average Joes out there doing so much for us every day. We have hope that new medical research will find some kind of treatment or a cure for MS, and government and volunteer programs that help with medical care and travel, and new treatments and clinical trials that are really starting to make progress, all of this carries our sprits along every day.

-=150 miles of sheer insanity=-
In two weeks, just 14 days, on June 20-22, myself and two thousand other bikers with similar stories of connections to MS, or some with just a crazy ambition to have a blast and raise money, are going to truck it out to DeKalb, Illinois, and we are going to bike ride 150 MILES to raise money to cure MS, rain or shine! (one hundred and fifty miles, HOLY COW!)

-=We need your help, big time, and NOW=-
This is where you come in. I am trying to raise $3000 to fight for MS IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!
Obviously, any donation, no matter how small or large, will help. Your support isn't all we need, please send this letter anyone you might think could help. I encourage you to forward this.

-=Where it will go=-
With the money we raise, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Illinois Chapter will provide programs and services for people with MS and fund research aimed at finding the cause and cure of the disease. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has raised and spent more than $460 million on research-related programs, allowing for phenomenal progress over the last ten years. My family and millions of others touched by this disease need your help, your sponsorship, which I KNOW will help find a treatment or cure for MS. If you would like to learn more about the research and programs supported by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, visit their website at

I truly appreciate your support because only together can we help people live with multiple sclerosis today and without it tomorrow.


Thank you so much,
-Daniel Rucci

email me with questions or comments at:

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Blogger just disabled one of my other blogs because it thought it was spam! WTF?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sharia Law

Let's take for example, this case....

...In which Sharia law is an arbitration option for US, Canadian, and/or other people who are working out an issue in a governmental court.

Why the sam-hell would a muslim woman CHOOSE to arbitrate a divorce case in a Sharia court when Sharia courts are by the book aligned against the interests of women? It's an absolute outrage as far as my chrisitan-centered life is concerned.

It brings to mind the ultimate questions of disagreement and culture in humanity. At some point in our development as a species we were governed by survival of the fittest, then perhaps higher consciousness' took over and we began to have culture and democratic law, and theist-centered beleifs took hold some time before that, even.

So thinking about humanity and judgement of our actions well into the future, how can we see this proceed. Perhaps in the near-long term, our society will be governed by a unified humanistic view of our place in the universe. This will take many years, as languages homogenify and cultures follow suit. As soon as we hear back from our nearest radio-enabled neighbors in the near galaxy neighborhood our society will more quickly unify and we will be governed more readily by a set of laws that shape our society towards meeting our nearest neighbors in the universe personally. And as our goals in general as a species on this planet change, we will always be changing our laws and regulations.

I often think about how far into the future we should think, as a species. I think it is prudent to consider the near-short term goals of our society, like the preservation of our environment, but should we really be considering the 3000-8000-year plan for humanity? What is that plan? I somehow think that the unequal oppression and stoning of women is not going to be part of that long-term plan. Wh y waste our time with it now? And why the fuck are we allowing Sharia to infilrate our culture? Because these democra-socialist countries are open-source allowing Sharia law to be melded with western judeo-christian  greek democracy beleifs?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Finding common strings in ideas that appeal to me.

The following lyricists, idealists, geniuses have something in common that really gets me:

Randy Newman
Steely Dan
Noam Chomsky
Pat Condell

I think there are common strings here: Wryness, irony, artistic sarcasm, misunderstood or unpopular genius.

I love unrecognized or unpopular genius. I can sniff it out everywhere I go. As Sean Bedlam says "I swim in an ocean of unoriginality" and that's where there are island resorts like Randy Newman, but they are all still only visited by a very small percentage of desperately loyal and adoring fanatics. The other 95% of people could just as well pass it by and not see it.