Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sharia Law

Let's take for example, this case....

...In which Sharia law is an arbitration option for US, Canadian, and/or other people who are working out an issue in a governmental court.

Why the sam-hell would a muslim woman CHOOSE to arbitrate a divorce case in a Sharia court when Sharia courts are by the book aligned against the interests of women? It's an absolute outrage as far as my chrisitan-centered life is concerned.

It brings to mind the ultimate questions of disagreement and culture in humanity. At some point in our development as a species we were governed by survival of the fittest, then perhaps higher consciousness' took over and we began to have culture and democratic law, and theist-centered beleifs took hold some time before that, even.

So thinking about humanity and judgement of our actions well into the future, how can we see this proceed. Perhaps in the near-long term, our society will be governed by a unified humanistic view of our place in the universe. This will take many years, as languages homogenify and cultures follow suit. As soon as we hear back from our nearest radio-enabled neighbors in the near galaxy neighborhood our society will more quickly unify and we will be governed more readily by a set of laws that shape our society towards meeting our nearest neighbors in the universe personally. And as our goals in general as a species on this planet change, we will always be changing our laws and regulations.

I often think about how far into the future we should think, as a species. I think it is prudent to consider the near-short term goals of our society, like the preservation of our environment, but should we really be considering the 3000-8000-year plan for humanity? What is that plan? I somehow think that the unequal oppression and stoning of women is not going to be part of that long-term plan. Wh y waste our time with it now? And why the fuck are we allowing Sharia to infilrate our culture? Because these democra-socialist countries are open-source allowing Sharia law to be melded with western judeo-christian  greek democracy beleifs?

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